Handshake Deals On The Go...
TrustLog is a common formats friendly application that stores the evidence of handshake deals and promises,
makes them binding with digital signatures and provides users with mediator's assistance when needed.

Whether we realize it or not, we negotiate every day.
Everyone likes to be protected but no one likes paperwork.
There is a reason for all the paperwork but in everyday life, people still prefer handshaking for all small service agreements, loans, referrals, personal promises and thousands of other things.

And at the end it always comes to "he said, she said" battles.

We want to simplify this process while protecting people from the beginning.
- A verbal agreement is not enough for most deals, but it is an important first step before signing a written contract.
- When making promises, both parties involved want a higher success rate secured by signature. Organized people aren't born; they're built.

Dmitry B.
“An application that helps to store everyday agreements as in Dropbox, to sign them like in Docusign and to ask for legal advice as in Legal Zoom."
E-mails, messages, chats, audio and video, screenshots can now be stored in TrustLog to be your deal evidence.
We are creating a unique repository of any evidence of agreements between participants, which we called TrustLog.

E-mails, messages, chats, audio and video, screenshots - any format can now become your deal evidence.

TrustLog has a marketplace for registered and certified lawyers, where lawyers advise and help protect the interests of TrustLog users. Our goal is to significantly reduce the price of legal services, without reducing the profitability of lawyers.
If you prefer informal agreements sealed by a handshake, you need someone on hand to witness you "shake on it." Now you have TrustLog,
a cutting-edge blockchain-based application.
No more "he said, she said" battles!
Seal your handshakes in TrustLog.
We are often reluctant to call a lawyer for advice on the deals we seal — even when we know that we probably should. And it's understandable considering all these actions:

- We have to research to find reliable (and affordable) lawyers.
- Choose at least 5 of them, call and then choose the best one.
- Make an appointment for consultation.
- Pay for the first consultation.
- Collect all the documents that the lawyer asked for to help with the contract.
- Schedule another appointment.
- Pay for the extra time that a lawyer will spend on research.
- Pay for lawsuit...

Now you will only have to...
click a button in the application to turn your "deal" into "case".

The case will be immediately available in the marketplace for mediators. The mediator who gets the case will receive access to all related blockchain backed documents in TrustLog which are otherwise visible to the involved parties only. These documents will enable mediator to make the decision based on the facts validated by both parties.

We want to significantly reduce the cost of "simple" legal services.
This can be achieved by combining affordable prices and ready-made "evidentiary" materials.

Dmitry Bocharov
We want each person to have their own
"Lawyer on Your Shoulder"
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